Shower Cabin 850x1350 with Steam Bluetooth Body Jets Foot Massage LED Lights Digital control panel, Bathroom Accessories Stand, Seat, Exhaust Fan

Shower Cabin 850x1350 with Steam Bluetooth Body Jets Foot Massage LED Lights Digital control panel, Bathroom Accessories Stand, Seat, Exhaust Fan

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  •  Smoked tinted rear glass reflective panels 
  • Grey glass & side panels
  • Chrome mixing valve mechanism 
  • Over head rain shower built into the enclosures roof 
  • Hand shower with optimal height setting
  • Moulded seat
  • Storage shelf with chrome rail
  • Hydro-massage jets
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Mobile foot massage
  • Stereo speaker built into the enclosures roof
  • 5mm Tinted Tempered Glass
  • Internal Mood Lighting
  • Extractor Fan 
  • Steam Generator
  • Computer Controlled LCD Screen Latest version with touch screen black glass.
  • Acrylic base with steel frame and adjustable feet
  • Easy Glide Doors With Magnetic Closer
  • Hot and cold connections
  • Can be connected to a combination boiler
  • Low pressure water supply may require a pump. Recommended 2.5 bar pressure
  • CE Certified
  • ISO9001: 2000 Approved. RoSH 

What better way to relieve the stress of modern living than to retreat to the luxurious comfort of your own personal steam shower. Whether it’s a steam room complete with massage bath or a steam shower, all our enclosures are equipped with an array of the latest luxury features. As well as the previous, with no need for tiling or cosmetic plumbing these contemporary, self contained and freestanding units provide a convenient and cost effective bathing solution.




The Steam Shower Unit includes one high quality speaker, allowing you to have a clear communication with the other party on the telephone, as well as producing a great sound effect for a fabulous experience with the music.

Body Jets

The Steam Shower Unit includes adjustable body massage jets that provide a moderate massage to your body while showering. The body jets function help you to improve your metabolism, blood circulation, and makes you feel restored.

Display/Computer System

The Computerized Control Display Panel controls all functions such as power, steam, water jets, lights, ventilation fan in the Steam Shower Unit. Simply press the desired function on the screen and the control panel will show the status of it. NOW WITH UPGRADED TOUCHSCREEN CONTROL!

Steam Function

The steam function is easy to use. Simply press the Steam button on the display panel or remote control, and the steam generator will automatically produce steam after ten to fifteen minutes. The temperature of the steam can easily be adjusted on the computerized display panel. Steam Sauna can provide relaxation, but is also known for improving metabolism, blood circulation, and detoxifying body’s waste through sweating!

Rainfall Showerhead

The King Size Rainfall Showerhead in the Steam Shower Unit resembles a tropical rainforest atmosphere. Along with the blue Overhead Light surrounding it, it enhances your mood and sets a marvellous experience to your everyday shower experience.

Mounted Rack

The Steam Shower Unit is integrated with an all purpose utility rack, enabling you to station your favourite health care products easily.

Aromatherapy and Medicine Steam Box

The steam shower unit comes with an aromatherapy medical box to deliver extra comfort when taking a shower! To use, simply place your favourite herbal medicine or aromatherapy products inside, and turn on the steam function. You will experience a rich fragrance drifting out with the steam.  

Foot Massager

Attached to the inside wall is a removable foot and calf massage system. The foot and calf massage is combined with mechanical force and hydro pressure. With its built-in roller bars and water jets, it helps ease your sore legs and feet after everyday’s long walk or stand!

Ventilation Fan

The Fan Button allows you to switch on and off the ventilation system of the steam shower unit. You are in control of the temperature and air density at a desired level during usage of the steam sauna or shower.

Door Handle

All the glass doors consist of this fashionable and durable door knob that allows you to open and close the doors easily.

Shower Head

The Steam Shower Unit includes a handheld adjustable shower head that comes with several spray styles.


Drain Filter

The drain filter helps blocking shower wastes in the most efficient manner when water drains at the side of the whirlpool, preventing wastes clogging your drain pipe.