Wudu Wash Basin with Heavy Duty Chrome Chair Long Tap and Trap Waste

Wudu Wash Basin with Heavy Duty Chrome Chair Long Tap and Trap Waste

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  • Comfortable for every person
  • Extra space to keep foot, while performing wudu
  • Seat position (front and back) adjustable
  • Extra elongated Tap will be provided

Wudu Wash Basin with Chair and tap included.


Fully Ceramic, the Wudu Wash perfectly matches your other bathroom ceramic to fit seamlessly into any bathroom installation.  As easy to install as a bidet, you'll be delighted with this handy system at prayer time or for other uses in your bathroom

Muslim bathrooms can be transformed into personal wudu khanas with this purpose-designed wudu sink for the home. The Wudu Wash is so designed to offers a safe and comfortable appliance in which to perform Muslim washing in a range of environments, from home bathrooms to multi-faith rooms in the workplace, including schools, colleges, and healthcare environments such as hospitals and hospices.

The slide away stool has a white powder coated finish, meaning it's even more discrete than previous versions and more resistant to rust.  It of course offers additional seating in the bathroom, perfect for family bath times.

Comfortable to use by everyone, this also offers elders and less abled persons safe and comfortable washing in their own home.

In Multi-faith workplaces, the Wudu Wash Residential offers a simple solution for private ablutions at prayer time.  It can go into existing bathrooms with no fuss or be installed in purpose built environments.



Wudu Basin

Height: 61.5 cm

Base Length: 45 cm

Elevated Length: 60 cm

Base Width: 28 cm

Elevated Width: 40 Cm



Seat: 30 cm Diameter

Height: 50 cm


Box Dimensions: 64x44x69 cm with a gross weight of 36 Kg.